Dinner Club

One of the best ways to meet people and develop lasting friendships in Lakeway is by joining the Dinner Club of the Women’s Club of Greater Lakeway. Dinner Club members and their spouses or significant others meet three times for a casual and fun evening with two other couples to enjoy good conversation and great food.


Each couple will host a dinner which may be casual, formal or in between. The hostess will prepare the entree and a side dish, and may select a theme for the dinner. The other two couples participating will bring appetizers and dessert, and each person brings his or her drink of choice. Each couple will host one dinner of the three. Members will receive a booklet indicating the hostess and guests for each of the monthly dinners. Dinners will be held on the third Saturday of January, February and March, barring any conflicts. If the date needs to change, that may be arranged by the hostess.


The kickoff party starts the year with all couples, including those on the sub list, meeting at a local home for cocktails. Dinner Club members bring appetizers and their drinks of choice to this event. Soft drinks and set-ups for your BYOB will be provided. This is a great opportunity to meet people with whom you will be dining later in the year.


To learn more or to sign up as a substitute, contact our co-chairs:

Pat Younger, (512) 551-3533
Laura Harvill, (214) 549-0154

Laura Harvill
Pat Younger